Photo Gallery 1

The photos and drawings in these Photo galleries can be downloaded and are in the .jpeg or .gif format. In addition, the drawings and images in the other chapters of this website are in the .webP format.

WebP Files.

For more explanation see Wikipedia:

The WebP official website:

These .webP files can be used directly in websites or can be edited as follows:


Download the installation manual and the WebPCodecSetup.exe file.

(the download can take a few minutes).

Read the explanation and install the WebPCodecSetup.exe program on your Windows PC. Once the program is installed, photos in the webP format can be easily viewed in  the Windows Photo Viewer. With e.g. Microsoft Paint  these .webP files can be converted into .png, .jpeg, .gif, and .bmp files.

Some Pictures & Drawings from this website in High Resolution.